Houdini Bullet Solver 1

1 Bullet Altering Attributes In fallowing example deforming and in-active bullet object is transformed non-deforming active object. It is done by transferring second objects attributes (box) to bullet object in sopsolver inside dop.


  • 3)object merge, merges animated box with attributes of active=1 deforming=0
  • 4)attribute transfer for point attributes of active and deforming



2 Bullet Constraint Network In fallowing example cone twist constraint is atached pieces together until a certain angle threshold. Constraints above this threshold is removed, hence object is shattered.



  1. sopLevel> seperated geometry’s each primative is named by assable node.
  2. connect adjasent pieces sop for creating connections between primatives that will be used as cone constraint
  3. attrCreate sop for creating @angleThreshold float for setting angle limit, @constraint_type string “all” for osition and rotation constraint, @constraintname string “cone”
  4. assemble sop for converting packed object.
  5. constraint network dop with sop path of constraints (OUT_cons).
  6. coneTwitConstraint dop with data name of “cone”.
  7. sop solver for removing constraints.
  8. relationship geometry for importing constraints
  9. delete if an angle between two piece is greater than angle threshold










One thought on “Houdini Bullet Solver 1

  1. good. A problem of all the articles is that the attached images are too small to see clearly.

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