Non-Newtonian and Viscoelastic Fluids

1.Non Newtonian Fluids  viscosity does not depend on on the stress state and velocity of the flow. On the other hand the viscosity of non-Newtonian fluids is dependent on shear rate or shear rate history. In Shear thickening non-Newtonian fluid, apparent viscosity increases with increased stress. Such as, Application in Houdini,  In example below, increased pressure make fluid […]

Houdini Bullet Solver 1

1 Bullet Altering Attributes In fallowing example deforming and in-active bullet object is transformed non-deforming active object. It is done by transferring second objects attributes (box) to bullet object in sopsolver inside dop. 3)object merge, merges animated box with attributes of active=1 deforming=0 4)attribute transfer for point attributes of active and deforming   2 Bullet Constraint […]

Houdini Solvers Mutual Interaction

1A. Cloth – Pyro Interaction  On default, pyro interacts withj cloth(if pyro solver connected first to merge node). However in this method,  pyro  do not colide but just affect as field force(left example) . In order to have proper colision, cloth obj should be imported with sop solver as colision source. (right example) importing velocity and density from […]

Houdini Micro Solvers 2

In fallowing example gas analyses micro solver is used in order to calculate curl and curvature fields for more detailed fluid shape. importing points to sim. particles advected by velocity. normal curl and curvature fields are matched with reference “vel” field. gasParticletoField, particle normals transfered to field with “normal” name. gasAnalysis:  curl analyses has been […]

Houdini Micro Solvers 1

Micro Solvers are building blocks in Houdini simulation. Mostly they are doing one task in a clean way. SideFx’ fluid solvers from scratch tutorial and  Pater  Claes’ master theses about custom fields helps a lot for learning however there are tons of them and started to a bit confusing. Hence I make little list of these nodes with some examples attasched. It is […]