Sand storms, (Dune/Dneg, NA)

  • Particle-based procedure system for, solving sandstorms’ motion:
    • Volume generation by noise.
    • Particle-based solver, creates and align forces to the sandstorm surface, then updated both surface and topological forces affecting point positions during the shot
    • Internal volume is deformed by points, Inner movement of the sandstorm is harmonized with the evolution of the outer shell.
  • Secondary simulation layers to give the storm more breakup and motion variations. 
    • Falling elements
    • Sandstorm ground interaction
    • Dynamic trails


Space ship getting out of water (Dune/Dneg, NA)

Robots getting out of water, sourced water & forces (Pacific Rim2/Dneg, Fx showReel)

  • Primary Elements
    • Distributed tank sim
    • Procedural wave and disturbance generator on interaction.
  • Secondary Elements
    • Procedural water sourcing mask & emission decay.
    • Fountain and sheeting water elements
    • Drag based water dispersing into secondary elements
    • Secondary white water and mist elements
  • Wetmap generation
    • Improved setups for wetmap generation.
    • Areas exposed to water are emitted particles, and simulated on flatten Uv space. 
    • Particles converted to surface and rendered on Uv space , Used as wetmap textures.


Robot ground interactions, road destruction, building destruction. (Pacific Rim / Dneg, Fx showReel)

Anti gravity explosion, Road destruction (Infinite/Dneg :NA)(Guardians of Galaxy Vol2/Trixter, Fx showReel)

Vehicle RBD rigging and destruction (BCL:NA)


  • Primary RBD elements
  • Secondary particle and dust elements (support and trail).
  • Secondary debris instance elements.
  • Particle grains for accumulated sand.
  • Procedural road cracking & collapse animation.


FEM based flesh and skin setup (Jurasic park, Ride project/ Framestore)

Bear Rigging (Breakdown Reel, Benylin commercial)

  • Muscle Sim
    • Tension solve Chop net Solves tension on muscle drivers
    • Muscle fem FEM Tension dependent dynamics for fem sim
  • Flesh Sim
    • Flesh fem FEM Flesh fem sim by (animation-muscle-skeleton)
  • Skin Sim
    • Surf. jiggle CHOP Superficial jiggle effect on skin.
    • Surf. comtract Sop solver Superficial muscle twitches on skin
    • Bone slide Proc Bone slide under Fem sim output
    • Skin slide Proc Skin slide on top of fem sim output or
    • Wrinkle Cloth Cloth sim with high target strength

Procedural Fx

Venom separation Fx (Fx reel/Dneg, Venom)

Carnage transformation fx (Carnage/Dneg, NA)

  • Create connections between surface,
  • interconnected web structure
  • vein structure and growth on contact area
  • Grain sim
  • wetmap generation on contact
  • procedural liquid flow

Procedural Environment

Procedural environment generation tools, Houdini (Purdey’s – ‘Hummingbird’ , Framestore IA / NA)
  • L system based moss generation and scattering
  • Flower and fern generation & growth tool
  • Rock generation tool
  • Procedural plant dynamics.
  • Ivy generator. Growth around tree or another ivy.


Maya cloth based Sail & Rope rigging (Breakdown Reel )

Houdini Research and Development

Toon Character Rigging

Toon rigging projects (Breakdown Reel 4:25)

Creature Rigging

Dynamic Rigging (dev page) (Breakdown Reel 1′:39)

Mechanical Design and Rigging

Mechanical Rigging, Design, rigging and animation  (Breakdown Reel 2′:08)

Maya Auto Rigging Tools

  • Wing and feather creating and rigging tool, Mel script. (tool page) / (Breakdown Reel 2′:36)
  • Auto-character rigging tool /  (Breakdown Reel 4:25)
  • Facial Rigging , Corrective pose deformer tool. (tool page) / (Breakdown Reel 2′:36)

Game Development

Unity Game development Projects

Short Movies

Independent short movie projects, (shortMovies Home page >>)

Character Design

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