technical break down, on projects that I have worked as Character and FX Technical Director



Technical Break Down Timeline
RigidBody Dynamics
0′:03” (Houdini Rigid Solvers)
SoftBody Dynamics
0′:28” (Maya N dynamics)
Fluid Dynamics
0′:54” (Houdini Pyro, OceanFx, Fume Fx)
Dynamic Rigging
1′:39” (Creature Riging (Maya, Houdini)
Crowd Dynamics
1′:54” (Houdini, Massive, Maya )
Mechanical Design & Animation
2′:08” (Maya ,Houdini)
Toon & Creature Rigging
2′:36” (auto Wing Rigging Tool)
3′:44” (auto Character Rigging Tool)
4′:25” (facial Rigging Tool)
5′:05” (Houdini feather Scattering Tool)

ShowReel Projects
0.03”&0.40”_MnisterOfHealth arabia :machine design, proxyModel, rig, Animation, camera
0.05”&0.35”_Nike comercial :houdini fluid simulation, fx render
0.06”&1.14”_PrensesinUykusu movie :book & octopus rigging, hair-based dynamics on tentacles
0.08”&0.45”_PrensesinUykusu movie : character rigging, hair-based tentacle dynamics, fumefx fluid simulation, fx render
0.10”_CasinoRoyal comercial : heart rigging, ncloth-based muscle dynamics, particle simulation
0.12”_8Seconds movie :houdini fracturing and rbd simulation
0.14”&1.00”_Benelyn comercial : bear rigging and muscle dynamics
0.15”_8Sconds movie : fumeFx explosions & fire , fumeFx bg smoke, camera and plane animation
0.17”& 0.23”_in reverse Syria Campaign : Houdini fracturing and RBD simulation
0.27”&1.04”_ Ertugrul 1890 movie : sails Ncloth-based rigging, animation
0.30”_8Seconds movie : nCloth simulation
0.31”_ Braun comercial : houdini debris, particle and smoke simulation
0.38”_Nike comercial :stadium crowd placement & render , houdini fluidSimulation, fx render
0.51”_Trabzon comercial :maya particle based crowd simulation, fish rigging & animation
0.55”_Karaoglan movie : massive -maya crowd integration, character rigging, character randomization
0.57”&1.07”_ Istanbul Monsters short : character rigging, jiggle and hair based dynaics, & animation(just in 0.57”).
1.01”_ Algida AslanMax comercial : character rigging Cloth simulation, hairDynamic Simulation.
1.02”_Eti aclik comercial :Character rigging, jigle-based deformation.
1.04”_ Ertugrul 1890 movie : sails Ncloth-based rigging, ocean simulation