Feather Creator

I did little coding on wing rigging automation. Seems like all birds have same pattern except number of feathers in primary and secondary row, So rig is flexible on wide range of wing types. However I see some differences which system can not create for now, For instance; On chickens secondery Coverts becomes two layers of […]

mel script for correctiveBlendShapes

In facial rigging, corrective blend shapes can become very tedious and time consuming process.  Sometimes it take more effort to arrange and connect blend shapes than actually sculpting them. So wrote a script for standardizing and making process easier. Limitations :In current script target geometry should not have any  outputs. Still working by disconnecting  outputs before creating or editing shapes need. Also being able to create corrective for more than two target […]

secondaryAnim script

Lately i had a project about growing plants in VR environment. With help of any “L system based software”  it is fairly easy task however platform was unity and unity can’t import changing vertex numbers. All animation had to be done joint or blendShape based. So update one of my old script, secondaryAnim Script basically takes first […]

RIGATOR_1.3 biped rigging automation

Rigator is highly customizable “Bi-ped rig creation script” which has been used in many projects at Anima/Istanbul. The concept of rig is based on Jason Schleifer’ animator friendly bipedal rig with some additions and some extractions; according to tight deadlined advertisement projects and animators requests. I have started to create this tool one year before […]

facial rigging with wireDeformers

Because of the blend-shapes have overlapping, non-orthogonal effects i tried toachieve some flexible facial rig via wire deformation. System works like that: *For better control of weights i used geometries controlled by wire tool. *These geometries add to skinned geometry as influence objects. *Also wire curves are skinned with joints for decreasing controller numbers and […]