Feather Creator


I did little coding on wing rigging automation. Seems like all birds have same pattern except number of feathers in primary and secondary row, So rig is flexible on wide range of wing types. However I see some differences which system can not create for now, For instance; On chickens secondery Coverts becomes two layers of feathers. ( reference Image,  bottom-right)



How it works:

  1. from defined Curves create mid-curves(via weighted BS)
  2. on curves , loft surfaces, and on surface create follicles. Each follicle control one cvCurves control-point
  3. Each Curve Drive joint-chain Ik handle system. twist will be achieved by base and tip surface tangent. Feathers are scattered according to feather type and curve length.
  4. Surface is controlled by wigs root joints. Each control has parent switch for folding feature.


Limitations : Folding is still experimental wing parent switches should be enough for folding However still experimental .Requires extra test and mayBe some exta control.Will test on it and update.

Demo:  from 2.36 to 3.36




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