cookieMechanics gameplay

CookieMechanics is a mechanical platform/adventure game, which will be released in fall/2017.

Gameplay demo is on vimeo;

  Development Blog  //  Gameplay trailer   //  facebookPage  //  follow on twitter 

Procedural Design: For now game has one map with seven different levels. For making game play more interesting I introduced procedural leve generation. According to requested difficulty degree, same level can be designed in procedural way, which means in each play create one unique platform. I am quite surprised in procedural design game can generate quite nice combination sometimes even better than manually designed ones!

Platforms,ladders, machines and gaps between assets are placed according to difficulty level+ random probability till desired length or number of component has been reached. In future versions, random enemies or animated objects will be introduced to procedural level generation script.

ladders  platforms machines


Future improvements:

Optimisation:  is  quite an issue now.  Main reason is using dynamic un-bakable light which I believe contributes game atmosphere a lot. Current release of game needs strong workstation !

Level End: First idea was completing levels ends with mechanical puzzles. I have some variation which is not pleasing enough. Also I am planning to introduce animatronics bosses at level ends.

General polishing on texturing, lighting and background mechanisms

Game is planned to be released in fall/2017. You can follow the development of game by:

  Development Blog  //  Gameplay trailer   //  facebookPage  //  follow on twitter 

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