Prensesin Uykusu

Prensesin Uykusu” Break Down Video. It was exiting and tiring 5 months. We have created 10 minutes cg shots with nice team of 15 people. First two months of the movie I rigged nearly forty characters. Most Of the characters were basic biPeds that I could manage to finalize rigging with full coded pipeline. (Used Rigator 1.5) . Than worked on tentacle dynamics and Fluid simulation.

Octopus sequence from Movie”Prensesin Uykusu”. I made character Rigging and Tentacle Dynamics. Rıg consist of manual , dynamic and semi dynamic controls. If i got the time want to post rigging demo here.

Masal Kuşu Sahnesi sequence from Movie”Prensesin Uykusu”.Ijust made base rigging for this character not feather system .

Death-Sequence from Movie”Prensesin Uykusu”. The hardest  one for me, but I’m pretty happy with the result . For these shots I made  the rigging, tentacle Dynamics cloth and fluid simulation.


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